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Involves the integration of small scale Anaerobic Digestion (AD) with energy storage technology to increase the practicable availability and usage of on-site renewables.

This energy innovation is the integration of a number of separate systems to deliver a decentralised and off grid power availability (from small scale AD) of circa 20kw, 24/7. It is integrated with battery storage to make the available power better suited to meet a typical demand profile which is not 24/7.

The AD system has a ‘flat pack’ design with no moving parts inside. The standard design will fit inside two 40ft containers including all pumps engines and battery so it is a stand-alone plug and play system.

The objective is to prove out the integrated concept using farm slurries as the feedstock. Future work would then extend the capability to also manage energy crops and other wastes. The full size unit could manage all the slurry from a 200 cow herd housed all year round, or a 400 cow herd housed for 6 months (or equivalent).This is circa 3,500 tons of slurries per annum.

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