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Solo Energy was founded in August 2015 to address an increasing demand for smart energy storage solutions as an enabler for increased renewable generation. Solo has developed a disruptive new 100% renewable electricity supplier business model.
Solo’s USP as a supplier is energy storage – we deploy advanced lithium ion batteries at our customers’ homes and businesses using an innovative battery leasing model, whilst leveraging the flexibility of existing batteries and other flexibility assets such as Electric Vehicles (EVs) to enable us to supply low cost 100% renewable electricity.
Solo’s FlexiGrid software platform aggregates our network of customer batteries to operate as a centrally controllable Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Solo charges our network from the grid during periods of peak renewable generation and low demand when wholesale electricity market prices are typically lower, and from onsite solar PV / wind generation where present. When wholesale market prices increase, we switch our customers from grid supply to battery supply, delivering low-cost electricity stored in the battery, rather than high cost electricity from the grid. Importantly, Solo doesn’t ask our customers to change their electricity usage behaviour in any way – the battery and Solo’s software platform seamlessly manage the process for them, leaving the customer to enjoy the benefits of low-cost 100% renewable energy with no fuss.
Solo’s FlexiGrid platform also operates our VPP to deliver flexibility/balancing services to system operators such as frequency response, voltage stabilisation, demand response, and operating reserve.


As part of the FREED project, Solo have deployed an energy storage system, i.e. a Li-ion battery, at Nenagh Library, O’Rahilly Street, Nenagh North, County Tipperary (the Host Demonstration Site), enabling the further development of the FlexiGrid platform and the trialling of the provision of flexibility services to the Distribution System Operator, ESB Networks.



1. Storage of onsite renewable generation: Rather than customers exporting excess energy generated by onsite renewables, such as Solar PV, back to the grid, the energy can instead be stored onsite for optimal use throughout the day. Beneficiary: customer
2. Peak saving: Solo Energy’s VPP can instruct customers energy use at peak times, when wholesale prices are typically highest and the distribution system is under the most strain, to be supplied via the battery instead of the grid. Beneficiaries: customer, Distribution System Operator (DSO)
3. Flexibility/Balancing services: Solo’s VPP can provide flexibility services to the TSO, including the provision of operating reserve, frequency response, ramping margins and reactive reserve. For example, if, following a disturbance, the frequency of the grid falls, the VPP can operate to provide additional MW support from the battery storage network to the TSO to assist in restoration of the grid frequency to nominal. Beneficiaries: TSO/DSO

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