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The EnergyTube is a modular system providing the highest level of safety, as well as reliability that currently can be achieved in an energy storage system (ESS). At the moment, an ESS consisting between 1 up to 120 EnergyTubes is feasible, i.e. leading to an accumulated stored energy between 100 Wh and 12 kWh. The number of EnergyTubes can be adjusted dependant on the energy producer or the energy consumer. It is intended to realize systems, with a clearly higher number of EnergyTubes however, in the meantime, higher capacity can be realized by increasing the number of ESS.  The advantage of the EnergyTube system lies in the feature that it interchangeable can be connected directly to varying applications, preconditioned that they are having a rated voltage of 48 V d.c. and 36 V d.c. respectively. Thus, the EnergyTubes cannot only be used in various application as a mobile storage system, but also provides an energy storage system for PV systems, windmills or water power plants.

The EnergyTube can be described as follows:

  • Small-scalable modularity, mobile- and multi-usage make the EnergyTube to the solution for all NPA countries needing decentralized energy storage systems (e.g. in Finland and Norway).
  • The developmental goal for the EnergyTube is to comply with the standard UN-T 38.3. As the maximum capacity of one EnergyTube is limited to 100 Wh, it can be sent by means of all transport facilities (by air, water, or land). In addition, the voltage of an EnergyTube is limited to max. 60 V, which is considered as touchable voltage.
  • A scalable and swappable battery system with 100 Wh is probably the most radical way of decentralization. The proposed energy buffer for WLAN-hotspots (i.e. EnergyTubes in street lights) demonstrates this in a concrete example.
  • Self-regulation capabilities of each EnergyTube dependent on grid voltage and own values
  • The EnergyTube contains NFC-communication.
  • The possibility of remote control via graphical user interface.

Some of the applications of EnergyTube can be discover here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2Np–1ykDs

Contact Details: Felix Friederich – felix.friederich@unicorn.engineering


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